Water Conservation

Southern California is at the forefront of creative landscaping that is water wise and beautiful at the same time. No need to assume various shades of brown are your garden destiny.

Even if you plan to do the actual work yourself, we strongly suggest contacting a landscape irrigation professional or ask one of our store professionals to help plan your project. After learning your preferences, they will save you money with water-smart ideas, suggest materials that make the most sense, and offer irrigation systems that are minimal and efficient. You can find:

  • Conversion Kits
  • Drip Tubing
  • Inline Drippers
  • Control Zone Kits
  • Point Source Drip Lines

Just ask the staff at any JHM location and we’d be happy to set aside time to talk about your goals.

We teach classes locally and would be happy to set up a time for a group event. You’ll learn basic tips on water and lighting conversation.